Your message on measure

You want to convince? Inspire or rather inform? You want to give your communication more power? Rekad nv has more than 30 years of experience in writing, translating and laying out powerful messages for different target groups. All our co-workers are professional writers, copywriters, photographers or graphic designers who always think strategically with you.

You can contact us for both editorial, professional and commercial applications. We provide text, copywriting, corrections, translations, photography, coordination and lay out.

Our internal team of professionals has a large knowledge about: gardens – flowers and plants – garden design – the art of flower arrangement – horticulture – horticultural mechanization – agriculture – the dairy sector, pig sector, horse sector & poultry sector – agricultural mechanization – other related subjects

Our specialities: advertisements – advertorials – articles – books – brochures – columns – digital mailings – flyers – leaflets – interviews – magazines – newsletters – news articles – press reports – postal mailings – relation magazines – invitations – webtexts

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