Rekad joins the Green Deal ‘Natural Gardens’ !

Today, many of us dream of a sustainable society. But only by working together, this dream can become reality. That’s why the Flemish government introduced the Green Deals. They join forces with companies and organisations to realise sustainable ideas on a short-term basis. In the meantime, more than 1,000 participants have already signed the Green Deals. Rekad Media Group is one of these Green Deal partners!

Together for more natural gardens

In total there are 9 Flemish Green Deals. One of them is the Green Deal ‘Natural Gardens’. This Green Deal is intended to increase biodiversity in Flemish gardens and strengthen the support for it.

Why? An essential part of the Flemish landscape consists of gardens. All together, the approximately 2 million private gardens occupy 9% of the Flemish territory (for comparison: natural areas 3%, forests 11%). Gardens can therefore play an important role in the context of climate change, biodiversity and quality of life if they are designed and managed in a natural way.

The Green Deal ‘Natural Gardens’ aims to structurally increase support for natural gardens among various target groups, such as green contractors, landscapers, designers, local and supra-local authorities, sector organisations, training providers, garden owners and other stakeholders.

Rekad Media Group signs the Green Deal

Rekad Media Group is committed to the Green Deal ‘Natural Gardens’ with magazines like CG Concept and Fence Tuinmagazine. Moreover, Paul Geerts (garden expert, green journalist & editor-in-chief of CG Concept) is selected as an expert for this Green Deal with the aim of advising the participants.

In addition, the CG Concept Annual – in collaboration with the Belgian Federation of Green Service Provides – is an important tool within the Green Deal ‘Natural Gardens’. This Yearbook provides an answer to the general questions ‘What impact does the climate have on the garden sector?’. In includes interviews with the aim of raising awareness, indicating the importance and interrelationship of and between various ecosystem services and encouraging different approaches.


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The Green Deal ‘Natural Gardens’ runs for 4 years and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Take part too!

Are you a professional gardener (in Flanders) and would you like to participate in the Green Deal Natural Gardens? Submit your action here.

More info about the Green Deals.

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